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The Water Pump: Removal of the Radiator Crossover Plate

Last modified 2005 APR 07 04:40:14 GMT

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Remove hose clamps from upper radiator plumbing - A and B bank sides respectively.

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The rubber bootie on the aux coil. The coil wires - white-black is ground, while the solid white is positive. While you have an opportunity, thoroughly clean the contacts on the aux coil, as well as the wires. If your coil is suspect, now is a great time to think about installing a replacement, since it'll never be easier to get to than right now.

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The aux coil wires run through the radiator crossover plate. After disconnecting them from the aux coil, and probably clipping a wiretie or two, simply route them back through the grommet and out of the way.

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Bolt on B bank top of radiator.

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Four 7/16 inch bolts - two on each side - retain the plate over the radiator. The B-bank plug is also 7/16 inch.

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Disconnect aux fan wires from water pump inlet temp sender.

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Three bolts on inside lip of radiator crossover. These also hold wiring harnesses.

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Unplug fuse from aux fan wiring harness. Avoid misplacing the fuse.

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The XJS Anti-Stall relays on cars so fitted. Blue socket on B side - black socket on A side. The black wire looped back towards the engine is the aux coil leads pushed out of the way.

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Drape wiring harness back over A bank side.

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Remove radiator cover plate. Note rubber radiator insulator bushing. The radiator is electrically isolated from the frame -- this reportedly has to do with combating electrolysis.


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