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The Water Pump: Electrical Grounds

Last modified 2005 APR 07 04:40:12 GMT

It cannot be stressed enough that good grounding is important to a good running electrical system. So, while you're in dealing with the radiator crossover plate, it'd be a good idea to pay some special attention to ensuring the two ground points (one on either side) are thoroughly cleaned. Do this even if you are not currently experiencing any electrical problems.

[JPEG IMAGE/5652 bytes]
Beadblast all hardware used for grounds. If you don't have a beadblaster, replace corroded hardware, and clean other parts with a stainless steel wire brush (or a wire brush wheel on a Dremel).

[JPEG IMAGE/8234 bytes]
Star washers are your friend for good grounds.

[JPEG IMAGE/7795 bytes]   [JPEG IMAGE/7082 bytes]
I took a Dremel sanding disc and sanded the ground points on parts that couldn't be carted off to the bead blasting booth. Don't forget to sand the wire contact side as well.

[JPEG IMAGE/7939 bytes]   [JPEG IMAGE/9227 bytes]
Permatex battery protectant sprayed on engine ground points - A and B banks. This should provide a reasonble chemical barrier against oxidization, though an occasional revisit during normal service intervals wouldn't be a bad idea.


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