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The Water Pump: Radiator Condition

Last modified 2005 APR 07 04:40:14 GMT

After removal of the radiator, I inspected it for any signs of leakage. Although this was not a primary concern for the project, it made sense to get a good look at the radiator while it was out -- you simply can't do this while it is in the car.

[JPEG IMAGE/9358 bytes]
This is what was still stuck to the front of the radiator after I pulled it out -- there was a lot of crud that came off in the process of removing it.

[JPEG IMAGE/4048 bytes]
In fact, there are all sorts of interesting things you might encounter while cleaning out the crud. Unfortunatley, I did not find any wads of $100 bills.

[JPEG IMAGE/7678 bytes]   [JPEG IMAGE/14004 bytes]
Radiator backside and closeup of the signs of an aging radiator - fin rot.


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