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Last modified 2005 MAY 25 17:10:33 GMT

Fear not - while there may not be a lot of material here right now, I am continuing to produce more material to publish on these pages. I'll produce new documents as I go about restoring my Kitty (an 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC V12) to the condition she so richly deserves to be in.

Please browse around. If you have suggestions, corrections, or perhaps material to share, please contact me at the address in the footer of this page.

Technical documents

These are documents, most including photos, which I've written up for various projects I've completed on my Jaguar. There is also a Jaguar VIN decoder I wrote for dissecting Jaguar code numbers. Click on the Jaguar emblem to go to the pages.

A listing of the reference books I have and use for servicing my XJ-S.

I've started to keep a Blog. Read recent additions here. This is handy for recording service records.

My gasket making procedure.

Instructions for rebuilding XJ-S lamp switch assemblies.

For Christmas 1999, I received an alarm with keyless entry feature. Here, I show the process of installing the kit, avoiding cutting wires and drilling (well, it required one hole).

My project to collect up all the underbonnet vacuum routeing diagrams for the V-12.

Another project to accumulate errata to the service manuals and other documentation for the XJ-S.

Instructions for installation of a new aftermarket stereo into your Jaguar XJ-S.

Form to decode VIN, Paint, Trim, and engine codes for the Jaguar XJ-S (and some other Jaguars I am sure).

Diagram and description of the Jaguar XJ-S Anti-Stall relays (the two mysterious relays above the radiator).

One of these days, I'll post my template for rebuilding XJ-S license plate lamps.

I've assembled a limited number of Window Relay conversion kits - everything you need to convert your windows to a low current switch. Updated with new wiring info.

In May of 2003, a friend and I constructed some engine support brackets, equivalent to the Jaguar MS53B tool. We can fabricate these for interested parties.

Some pictures of tools and gadgets I've collected or made which are useful when working on the big cat.

Some notes on producing a tool for adjusting the EFI ECU. I'll also be adding notes on the process of adjustment, when I actually get there myself.

The Lucas CEI (the ignition used on the HE) incorporates a GM HEI module. Here are some scattered notes.

Some reference measurements of a voltage dip right when the A/C is turned on.

Bulb Failure Module (BFM) diagnosis.

Diagnosing your Alternator with a DVM or Scope.

In early 2000, I replaced my O2 sensors after diagnosing them to be "sluggish" (operational, but with HI-LO cycling slower than expected). The stock replacement parts were pricey, but adapting an appropriate 3-wire spec'd for another vehicle worked fine.

A few images to help some people locate the oil pressure sender and idiot light switch on the V-12.

My trip computer project - an ongoing project which starts with replacing the trip computer with readily available hardware, and a new graphic display, then adds additional functionality to the logic unit for other projects, including temperature and O2 reporting.

In the early months of 2000, I discovered a coolant leak. These are some pictures of my attempts to diagnose where it was coming from.

After the coolant leak was determined to be caused by a failed seal on the Water Pump, I set out to rebuild the water pump. While this is fairly easy to do, the project involves a lot of disassembly of the front of the engine compartment, during which time I took the opportunity to replace hoses and hose clamps, as well as address oxidization.

Some discussion about some people with queer problems on the Jag-Lovers forums got me thinking that it would be handy to have a coolant temperature switch in the toolbox.

While diagnosing some ignition trouble, I decided to measure the coolant and air temperature thermistors for proper readings. Here are some useful figures.

A procedure for making high quality electrical splices.

Sounds Jaguars Make -- a new project of mine to post sounds that may be helpful in diagnosing certain failures.

Every so often, I get the uncontrollable urge to produce something useful. Check it out.

Reference material is occasionaly put on loan.

Some vintage advertisements I've collected.

I maintain an informal list of other resources - new and used parts sources, books, and other places of interest.

Links to other enthusiast websites.


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